2023 – 2026 Iris van Herpen Retrospective “Sculpting the Senses” including DIMENSIONISM glass dress

Exhibition venues:

  • Paris, MAD (Musee Des Arts Decoratifs), 29.11.2023 – 28.04.2024
  • Brisbane, QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art), 22.06.2024 – 7.10.2024
  • Singapore, ArtScience Museum, 8.03.2025 – 27.07.2025
  • Rotterdam, Kunsthal Rotterdam, 26.09.2025 – 22.02.2026

2023 energy place Schneider

To provide a stunning setting for the new courtyard use concept of Gitti’s practice in combination with Patrik’s glassblowing workshop, I can now fully realize my originally planned career aspiration as a landscape gardener. My unbridled energy for work with glass is meanwhile lived out in a somewhat more measured and age-appropriate way. In the fresh air in the garden, I can recharge my body’s own energy stores to hopefully be able to implement many more exciting projects together with my family. Whether garden paths, mosaic, walk-in herb spiral, compostable garden toilet, or even individually manufactured furniture – all projects should have a personal reference and their raw materials come from the immediate environment.

A special heart project is based on a 30-year-old sequoia tree, which had to give way in our neighboring. The wood of this tree species, which is completely untypical for Tyrol, is visually beautiful, super light, but too soft for furniture construction. Thanks to epoxy resin coating and professional expertise of my friend and neighbor Heinrich Strillinger, the wood of this trunk could be treated in such a way that the complete apartment furnishings on the 2nd floor of the courtyard could be furnished in wildwood style. For my wife’s practice, a 200-year-old hollow sycamore trunk from Thierbach was purchased at a reasonable price. I cut the trunk in half lengthwise with a power saw and transformed it into bombastic chairs for the waiting room in the practice corridor. A total of 6 wall mirrors were created from the leftover slice sections, giving the whole house a very special, individual flair.

Nature is the greatest artist! If you make the effort and establish contacts with trades of natural processing raw materials, you will quickly get to the source of wood and stone raw materials. These partly unruly beauties can tell decades, maybe even centuries old life stories and are certainly grateful not to end up in the mills of sterile mass industry.

By the way – my partner and tenant Patrik Winkler increases his glass sales every year and has thus mastered the “stress test pandemic” excellently. Patrik – we are proud of you!

2022 farm practice

2021, triggered by the pandemic, was a year full of groundbreaking changes. Our long-time tenants “Wahre Lebenswerte” moved their company from Tyrol to Thuringia. Thus the Schneiderhof was free for a new utilization concept. According to our life motto “as it comes it is good”, my wife and farm owner Gitti herself seized the opportunity to fulfill her long-awaited wish of an own practice for kinesiology and Emmett on the first floor. Her more than 20 years of experience as a certified nurse in the intensive care unit Kufstein in combination with numerous training modules for alternative healing methods guarantee the client tailored, ideology-free therapy options. More detailed information can be found at

2021 Offspring comes

September 2021 – Maxi starts an apprenticeship as a glassblower at the glass school in Kramsach. So it lives the dream that even after my glassblowing career, the well-equipped workshop can continue to be used.

Some pictures together with Maxi at our great role models…

2021 Nychos visit

After more than 20 years of self-painted “Martian landscape” it was time to give the concrete wall in the entrance area to the workshop a new coat of paint In 2021 we had the great honor to have our dog Lino immortalized on the wall by the graffiti superstar NYCHOS during his frisbee addiction. Without preliminary design and without the aid of brushes or other auxiliary tools NYCHOS conjured with his assistant with spray cans within 5 hours this incredible 3-dimensional work of art.

2019 Jellyfish aquarium at Technorama

The Technorama Museum in Winterthur/Switzerland is world famous for its presentation of physical phenomena. In the department of light, there are now numerous plasma objects by Bernd Weinmayer. In 2018, the world’s largest plasma sphere with a volume of 500 liters was produced, whose light effect can also be continuously manipulated by the visitor. In a special mirror exhibition in 2019, the existing “jellyfish aquarium” was literally multiplied in the endless mirror room. Sensational museum – a must for young and old!

2018 Inside

With the life-size circulatory sculpture “Inside”, Bernd Weinmayer was part of a project installation by the French artist Daniel Firman, which was presented at the “Le Voyage a Nantes” art weeks from July to August 2018 at the Nantes Opera House. The sculpture was suspended 5 meters above the auditorium and was supported by a video music composition. With a working time of almost 3 months, the “Inside” project is one of the most time-intensive creative works of Bernd Weinmayer.

2015 Wahre Lebenswerte

Finally, the time has come – after 2 years of sarning work, we can bring our old Schneiderhof to a perfect use concept. Since October 2015, the company “Wahre Lebenswerte” presents future-oriented and sustainable products on 500m² living and storage space. For the 5 hectare outdoor area a permaculture is in planning. Attached are some pictures of the extensive sarning work with the very satisfying final result thanks to the many helping hands – many thanks for that!


2015 Winkler Glas

The courtyard use is complemented by the glassblowing workshop of Patrik Winkler, who in close cooperation with the glassblowing workshop Weinmayer develops and perfects new product niches and techniques in the field of lamp glass on 150m². Patrik Winkler comes from the immediate neighborhood and has been a loyal guest in our glassblowing workshop since he was in kindergarten. In the meantime, Patrik is considered one of the most talented glassblowers in Austria. He has perfected his pixel technique to an incredible precision.


2015 Pangea

With our friend Gerhard Hochmuth there is another new partnership. The professional lamp designer and skilled glassblower Gerhard has worked out the interesting lamp concept of the “Pangea” lamps in cooperation with Bernd over the last years, which can now be offered as an exclusive small series.