‚Hallucigenia’ is an extinct species from the Middle Cambrian Era, about 500 million years ago. The worm-like creatures, which were between 5 and 30mm in size, were first discovered in 1909 during excavations in the Burgess Shale in British Columbia, Canada. Further discoveries were made in China.

Since 1989, the Tyrolean artist Martin Walde who lives in Vienna, has focused on these mythical creatures; their appearance leaves a lot of room for artistic projections and interpretations. he original plastic models, with a scale of 10:1, have developed to include detailed extremities of different materials and dimensions. In 2006, Martin Walde’s Hallucigenia product line was expanded with glass animal objects from the Weinmayer workshop. In early 2008, the first plasma filled Hallucigenia was brought to life. Since then, numerous large scale plasma filled Hallucigenia with scales of up to 100:1 have been produced according to strict guidelines from the artist.