• Weinmayer Bernd
  • born in Munich 1971
  • 1988 4 years vocational college for glass blowing in Kramsach
  • 1992-1994 further education in design, arts and crafts in the same vocational college
  • since 1994 self-employed glassblower in Mariastein
  • 1997 Master craftsman’s diploma
  • 2000-2015 Co chairman of the Austrian master examination commission for scientific glass
  • married and proud father of Maximilian and Juli



Weinmayer Bernd

6324 Mariastein Nr. 53


Tel: +43 / (0)5332 / 56957





  • ‘Tirolissimo’ – winner in the category exhibition ’stand and design’


  • exhibition in the ’Zoologische Staatssammlung’, Munich


  • prize winner ’The Year of Young Glass’ competition Cincinatti/Ohio incl. exhibition catalogue


  • exhibitions in Beaver Creek und Vail
  • 90 days working trip in Beaver Creek, Colorado, USA


  • GAS Meeting in Amsterdam/Netherlands


  • GAS Meeting in Seattle/USA
  • trophies for the Red Bull event ‘X-Fighters’


  • group project ‘The Exquisite Corpse in Glass’ Castellani Museum/New York together with Santini, Stump, Townsend, Mickelsen, Owens, Lozar, Hyde, Fero, Buhler, incl. catalogue
  • trophies for the Red Bull event ‘Air Race’


  • soloshow ‘Plasma Glass – Light in Motion’ together with Ed Kirshner in the Glass Gallery Innsbruck, incl. exhibition-DVD
  • special exhibition ’Fusions-Expo’ Innsbruck
  • Coburger glassprize incl. catalogue
  • group exhibition ‘25 years MONA’ Museum of Neon Art/ Los Angeles


  • New Glass Review 28 – jury prize
  • prize winner development program ’Kreatives Handwerk Tirol’
  • exhibition ’Müll wird Kunst’ Itter/Austria
  • special exhibition ’Unikate Wald’ on the ’Wohnen und Interieur’ fair in Vienna
  • exhibition FAFGA, Innsbruck


  • special exhibition plasmalight and purchase from the ‘Technorama’ museum Winterthur/Switzerland
  • exhibition ’Unterirdisches Zwiesel’
  • exhibition ‘plasma light’ Gallery Marschalek/Vienna


  • exhibition Gallery Salvenmoser/Kitzbühel


  • group exhibition ‘under water’, Glass Gallery Innsbruck
  • Hot Glass Invitational/Las Vegas


  • group exhibition ‘Das Glas, die Lampe und ich’ in the Glass Museum Frauenau, together with Ritterswürden, Zinner, Gutgesell, Liebold and Recknagel
  • prize winner of ’Gletscherprise Glaspreis’ in Zwiesel
  • Etron Project – big doublewall plasmatube made for presentation of the new Audi Etron as an eyecatcher at the Carsalon Paris. It is shown after the world premiere of the first ever made neon tube from Georges Claude exact 100 years ealier at the some fair place. Further presentation places of the Etron Tube: Carsalon Shanghai and Detroit, since 2012 part of the permanent exhibition at the VW museum Wolfsburg/Germany.


  • 1st place ‘High Times Cup‘/Amsterdam with ‚Ray Machine‘


  • 2nd place ‘High Times Cup‘/Toronto with ‚Ray Hammer‘
  • 1st place ‘High Times Cup‘/Amsterdam with ‚Drill Bill‘
  • jellyfish installation Hotel ‘Thalasso‘/Norderney


  • 3rd place ‘High Times Cup‘/Amsterdam with ‚Ray Pack‘
  • Coburger glassprize incl. exhibition catalogue with ‘Juli´s last moments in paradise‘
  • fishinstallation Hotel ‚Germania‘/Norderney


  • restauration project ‘Schneiderhof‘, our second flameworkshop with place for a future permaculture farming


  • group exhibition ‘enlightened glass‘, San Jose/USA
  • works for the exhibition ‘Psychoprosa‘ from artist Thomas Feuerstein, Taxisgalerie Innsbruck and Frankfurter Kunstverein


  • Exhibition invitational and lecture at the GAS (GlassArtSociety) meeting in Corning/New York
  • selected artist + coverpicture productcatalogue at the ‘European Glassfestival‘ Breslau/Poland, European Kulturhauptstadt 2016


  • ‘New Glass Review 38‘, selected artist, Corning/New York
  • group exhibition ‘The ‘Art Of Plasma‘, MONA/Los Angeles
  • group exhibition ‘Glass And Life‘, Vitromusee Romont/Switzerland
  • group exhibition ‘Austrian Glass Core‘, Biennale Venice
  • Flame Off and premiere presentation of the ‘TAPTUBE‘- the first beer tapping system in glass, ‘Cultiva‘/Vienna


  • Group exhibition “Vetro Illuminato Show” during the GAS meeting in Murano
  • Presentation of the “Inside” blood circulation sculpture in the Opera House of Nantes / France. Commissioned work for artist Daniel Firman
  • Production “world’s largest plasma globe” for the Technorama Museum / Switzerland
  • Group exhibition “Glanzlichter – Contemporary Glass from Austria”, Gallery of the City of Traun


  • Kanazawa Glass Prize / Japan, selected artist, collab with Yoshinori Kondo, “Pattern Grail”
  • Jellyfish installation in the mirror room, Technorama Museum, Winterthur / Switzerland
  • “Face Mask” project, Iris van Herpen, Swarovski Store Vienna


  • Group exhibition “Crossing”, Helmut Nindl, Kramsach / Austria
  • Solo exhibition “reset”, Glasgalerie Innsbruck
  • museums purchase ‘Corona Mutant I‘ Deutsches Medizinhistorisches Museum/Ingolstadt


  • part of the exhibition ‘Currant Age‘-Studio Plastique, Z33, Hasselt/Belgium


  • plasma sculpture for Studio Plastique – Design Fest Ghent/Belgium


  • Museum purchase 100 liter plasma globe, Vorarlberger Museumswelt
  • Museum purchase of plasma disks for the exhibition “Electricity and Magnets”, Technorama, Winterthur/Switzerland
  • Iris van Herpen “Skulpturing the Senses” with DIMENSIONISM glassdress, MAD/Paris



Exhibition references from the collaboration with Martin Walde


  • ‚Hallucigenia & more’ Gallery Krinzinger/Vienna
  • Exhibition and museums purchase ‘Hallucigenia‘ Ferdinandeum/Innsbruck


  • Exhibition and museums purchase ‘Hallucigenia‘ ZKM/Karlsruhe/Germany
  • ‚Art Forum Berlin‘ with ‘Hallucigania‘, Gallery Kinzinger/Vienna


  • Kunsthalle Kiel ‘Hallucigenia‘
  • premiere presentation ‘Duft der verblühenden Alpenrose‘ Gallery Krinzinger/Vienna
  • ‘Art Forum Berlin‘ (Krinzinger)


  • museums purchase ‘Hallucigenia‘ Artcollection Belvedere/Vienna
  • museums purchase ‘Duft der verblühenden Alpenrose‘ Ferdinandeum/Innsbruck more exhibition places ‘Duft der verblühenden Alpenrose‘:
  • Art Rotterdam (Krinzinger)
  • Frieze London (Krinzinger)


  • premiere presentation ‘Solvent Scale’ Gallery Thoman/Innsbruck more exhibition places ‘Solvent Scale’:
  • Fiac Paris (Krinzinger)
  • Art Cologne (Thoman)
  • Sofa New York (Krinzinger)
  • Art Brussels (Krinzinger)
  • Art Basel (Krinzinger)
  • Frieze London (Krinzinger)


  • ‘The Liquid And The Magic’ Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken/Germany


  • “Solvent Scale”, Marta Herford / Germany


  • museums purchase ‘Hallucigania #23‘ Joanneum/Graz


  • “The Beauty of Early Life” ZKM/Karlsruhe




Ideas protected by patent:

“Encased process of colored glass stems for drinking glasses” – Pat.No. AT 405 930 B

“Tubular or rod-shaped laminated glass element” – 20 2007 010 429.4

“Plasma Shells” – 668157-0001-0003

“Glass beer dispensing system” – 4707040/0001-0005